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Living the dream in Spain

Instructions on how to qualify for a new rental property in your area.

  • No references are required as you have only just arrived in Spain. Explain you are waiting to find the right property to move into.
  • Your NIE number will follow as soon as your lawyer sorts it out and your bank account has been set up.
  • Sign a rental contract for 11 months.
  • Pay the rent for seven months only.
  • Do not pay the rent for the last two months this ensures your deposit and first months rent is not lost.
  • Live in the apartment for another 2  or 3 months rent free.


  • This reduces your rental outlay for the year by an effective two months or more.
  • An additional saving you have no utility bills to pay during this two month period.
  • No moving costs always rent furnished properties.
  • No additional on costs such as community charge or house/content insurance. No IBI or wealth tax.
  • When you eventually move out take with you additional luxury electrical items as a bonus, blame the loss on a robbery or breakages in month seven.
  • Your family and friends can visit your new community and behave in a way that you have become accustomed to.
  • A great advantage is that the community rules never apply to you or your guests.
  • You can provide your fellow fly by nights copies of the entrance keys to the community.
  • Thousands of properties are available at reduced rental prices so the potential for moving on is positive.


  • A letter under the door complaining about your family’s behaviour.
  • A phone call from the managing agent.
  • Trashing the apartment when you leave if the owner keeps complaining.
  • Explaining to the police if they ever catch up with you how you and your children were abused by the other owners. Inform the police this was not the sort of community you wanted to live in.

The future

  • No problems.
  • Remember retain a copy of the letter that was put under your door threatening to throw you out and cutting off the water and electricity supply this will back up your case at any court hearing.

A real copy of a letter to the editor in a local paper:-

We are only just emerging from a horrific year after our property was let to a tenant who did not pay any rent or utilities for the whole year.  We were renting for 11 months, she was there over a year and we had to pay her to leave!!

She and her family have vandalised the property and we have been left with over 3000 euros in utility bills to pay.

We are new to renting as this is our first property, and agreed to rent and have it managed for us through Casa Concierge, they let it through a third party without our knowledge who we had never heard of. We were told this is common practice. The letting agent who found the tenant, Rental de Sol, took the first month rent as a ‘finders fee’, did not collect the correct security deposit because the tenant did not have enough money.

We did not receive any contract from anyone until 2 months after this person moved in, but that time we had many problems. The contract was never sent to us to be signed and was never signed.

We said no pets, the tenant had 8 cats

Our house had some snagging problems, some serious, but neither letting company wanted anything to do with the problems as the tenant was very difficult.

The nightmare goes on as we now have to get the house repaired.

Beware of agents unless you know someone using them who can vouch that they will look after your interests and your property.








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I retired and moved to the Costa del Sol in 2003 and I now live in the Jalon Valley which is in the Costa Blanca area.
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