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Casa Umpius

Villa Umpius Positioned on the side of a valley on the edge of a small Spanish village¬† is Casa Umpius        

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Hiking in Spain along the Camino del Rey Garganta del Chorro. Watch out for the eagles which continually circle around the sheer cliffs. From your journey through the Valle de Abdalajis you will arrive at the small village of El … Continue reading

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Fall of the brick

The forecast for Spanish property prices is a gloomy one. I recently went into the real estate agency and asked them about any cheap properties that we could have a look at and move into? He said have we thought about buying our own villa. Continue reading

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Dog Walks

Walking in the valleys of the Costa Blanca The video is about our dog walks in the Jalon Valley which is in the Costa Blanca area of Spain.     I am still trying to correct the replay bugs in … Continue reading

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Umpius Grumpias (Humpyus – Grumpyass)     Hello and welcome to my blog Umpius Grumpias about an expat from England who is now living in the beautiful Jalon valley which is located in the Costa Blanca¬†area of Spain. I hope … Continue reading

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How to become a successful bankrupt

Target your potential market do your research thoroughly ask other bar owners why they are empty? Disregard any advice they give you. Your urge to fail in the shortest time possible should not be prolonged. Keep all the tips that your staff collect in a tin at home for your return airfares back to England.
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