Leaders Television Debates

Leaders Television Debates

The General Election 7th May 2015. A new format for the live television leaders debates.


Leaders TV Debates


“Here is the answer I will give to you, irrespective of the question that you asked me.”


Think back to the yes-no interlude on the ‘Take Your Pick’ game show when Alec Dane struck the gong when a contestant said yes or no during questioning.

Well he is replaced by let us say Adam Boulton and if a politician goes off topic to the question that has been asked “bong!”

Once the bong has been struck the light and microphones are turned off in that politicians box until everyone has answered that same question, unless they themselves get bonged.


Adam Boulton Yes-No Gong



The broadcaster will be selected by Sir Bruce Forsyth by picking out a numbered ball which corresponds to the TV channel from a velvet bag.

The debate will last for at least two hours.

The questions will be put to the politicians and they have two minutes to reply. If the reply is less than two minutes the time will be added to the allotted time at the end of the debate for each leader to present their plea to the voters as to why you should cast your vote for them.

The first leader to answer each question will be randomly selected by a computer.

  • If the reply is off topic to the question. ‘Bong.’
  • If the reply criticises another political party. ‘Bong.’
  • If the reply is factually incorrect. ‘Bong.’
  • If the reply contains a reference to past achievements in office. ‘Bong.’
  • If a reply contains a pause for longer than five seconds. ‘Bong.’
  • Receive three ‘bongs’ and you are eliminated from the leaders’ debate.


My suggested panel for asking the questions and choosing the subjects are James Whale, John Gaunt, Eamonn Holmes and Nick Ferrari.

If a leader fails to turn up for a debate an appropriate person or object will be chosen by the panel to replace the empty chair.


Leaders Debate Empty Chair


Umpius Media Sick Bag



 Who would be your panel for the ‘Leaders Debate?’ What would be your choice for a stand-in for a no show leader?








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