James Whale

The James Whale radio show


Click this link to listen to the new, new James Whale blog and radio show.


Darth Whaleyius and Salacious Robo



James Whale the new show is on talkRADIO it is on weekday evenings  19:00 – 22:00 Monday – Thursday.

Whale’s Weekly

It is great news that James Whale has started a new show ‘Whale’s Weekly’ I believe the broadcast will go from strength to strength as the format evolves.

Perhaps with James going back occasionally to some of his roots. Nostalgic – Perhaps but with a modern twist utilizing cutting edge media technology, which is a very expensive set up indeed. Have you seen the price of HD video cards?

Bring back the Dreamgirls!

On a personal note thank you to James for the plug on his broadcast this week.

Special Announcement watch the latest news about Whale’s Weekly.





‘May the farce be with you.’







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  1. Rob says:

    Great fun, Thanks


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