I don’t believe it!

Ever wondered why you left the UK?

When you read some of these articles you will scream out “I don’t believe it!”


Home Office protects the privacy of on the run killers and rapists in the UK.

The Home Office and the UK Border Agency fail to protect the public from foreign criminals.

Villagers could have been charged with false imprisonment of traveller’s.

With friend’s like this who needs enemies. Businessman funds lavish lifestyle with stolen cash.

How to own a home on multi-million pound green belt site paid for by the taxpayer.

A retired banker ‘destroys a community’ in Kent over a twelve inch strip of land.

Who’s been sleeping in my bed? A drug addict!

HMRC empties your pockets to pay for tax avoidance.

Former judges are struck off for pocketing £1.5m legal aid funds.

A former coroner is jailed for using his clients cash like a ‘piggy bank’ to fund his millionaire lifestyle.

Merry Christmas. The green, green grass back home, Parish in turmoil.

It used to be scrap metal the thieves wanted. Now the nations heritage is at risk.

“We will continue to seek to deport individuals who show a complete disregard for the laws of this country.”

What a shock. Are you power mad?

The most expensive plates of meat that are worth £100,000 to the UK taxpayer.

Buy a stolen caravan in a pub for £300 and keep it!

Great Britain’s green and pleasant land is under siege. The shape of things to come.

While you are on a ‘custom and practice lunch’ focus your mind on many zeros are needed for a fantastic severance package.

Work for the FSA and sit in your garden for six months doing nothing and watch your money tree grow and grow.

“Mayday Mayday Mayday.” Judges conclude that a high risk violent criminal cannot be deported because his amazing family life outweighs the danger he poses to the public.


Young Bloods

Young Bloods

“What villages need is some noise, teenagers kicking a ball around.” Nick Boles MP has a cunning plan for radical changes with his new vision for rural living.




NHS chief admits misleading parliament. One whistleblower was handed £500k.

Somali sues UK for £50,000 over nightmares.

Or how about how to get £10,148.91p tax free.

Three police officers use health and safety clap-trap to warn grandma about her cheese making.

Homeless Beggar living in 300K flat and also collects £300 a day in cash.

Inland Revenue boss leaves for new job at Deloitte.

Benefits cheat fleeces tax payers out of 100K used to be to fat to make a cup of tea.

Benefits staff scam millions from their own Government department.

Hide your cash underneath your bed nowhere is safe.

They think it is all over the kidnapping of a drug dealer. The charges are dropped.

Ever wondered why the TV licence is so expensive? Your money squandered by the BBC.

The doomed BBC IT project proving once again money does grow on tree’s

More housing is needed across Great Britain’s Green and pleasant land

Reward for failure  who do they think they are? Bankers?




 I don’t believe it – do you?






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