Ah! The memories fishing for carp

Fantastic evenings after a hard day’s fishing at the syndicate lake near Oundle when we all zoomed off to the local curry house. Then later on a cloudy cider with a ging gang goolie around the bivvy’s by the lake at two in the morning. Thumper always caught the biggest carp the swine!


 Oundle fishing lake


Ah! The memories tall stories about anything especially about the one that got away; Mungo (Dave BMW yuppie) no sane human ever erected a bivvy near him what with the phal chicken tikka curry washed down with stout and peanuts a few hours before we slumped into near death comas. Then during dawns early morning light he consumed tin plate after plate full of baked beans and toast. He was the principle cause of recent flooding and climate change in the UK due to the greenhouse effects this one person had.


 My biggest carp


Sunspots my arse it was all down to Mungo! He was probably the reason why I purchased this super deluxe bivvy on wheels. Ah! The memories moi eating gourmet chicken in white whine sauce with new potatoes and runner beans cooked on my superb four burner grill and oven. All washed down with a decadent bottle of spitfire ale whilst the rain hammered down on the vans roof. It was a good job I had heating running off the spare heavy duty battery.


 Transit Travelhome


Ah! The memories the others all drenched outside sniffing at soggy spam sandwiches and left over curry in drenched plastic carrier bags. Thumper did not care he would wring out the naan bread and eat it with delight. Well he did brew his tea with water from the lake! Not to mention cleaning his teeth and gargling lake water from his enamelled tin tea mug.




Rather churlish of them to let my tyres down while I was having a shower before we all went off for the local pub quiz that night. Just because I would not let Mungo use my toilet was no excuse for secretly leaving my waste tap open.


The Chequered Skipper Ashton


What a good jape we all had. Ginger probably got the brunt of it Arf! Arf! He married Swede’s (previous owner of long flowing blonde sixties locks) ex girlfriend also blonde hair. Ginger had black hair. We used to always comment on the wispy ginger hairs in his teeth or sandwiches, Tee-hee! ! If Ginger slumped into a coma, I was next in line.

Then their was always Birdie wittering on about his last round of golf. Zzzzz! It’s Twooh! My life already. None of the rest of us played bloody golf!

I still hate Richard or thumper which is his karting handle, he still gets the fastest lap times at the endurance races. The penalty weight of pasty after pasty has taken its toll on my personal best times. I keep bleating on about him having to be leaded up or eat more pasties along with all the other teams to make it all fair and square.

This play on words is great you actually see context at work. Do I hate them?

Ah! The memories!





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