Expenses row continues


Uproar at the community AGM as the president resigns

More revelations have exposed that some presidents in Spanish communities up and down the coast have been submitting claims in the annual accounts for outrageous frivolities.

Our reporter has exclusively discovered from sources close to the various boards that phone call expense claims made they say on the “communities behalf” have amounted to in some cases claims of 20€ per annum.

It has also emerged that some other luxury items shown clearly on the accounts we have been shown have had huge sums paid out for the pool cleaning. We asked one president who responded with “The administrator said it was within the rules.”

When pressed about other items such as gardening and cleaning they refused to answer and were speechless.

Many of those questioned were very agitated by our legitimate allegations. Some allegedly worked for nothing at all and responded with “I claim no money whatsoever.”

One source close to the action said. “All he does is sit around the swimming pool sunbathing.”

He has now resigned his position as president.


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18 May 2009 15:17

 I think it is all the same everywhere. In our annual meeting there were the same items (and the response was the same as above, too).



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