Dogs and Doggie Food Bags

Leftovers – The myth

Like most of us we contribute to most of the animal rescue fund raising events by going to as many as we can fit in. For my part it is mostly the buffet that gives me the urge to go and sample as many portions of different food that I can pile as high as possible onto one plate. I hate going back for seconds as the dirty looks and scowls put me off returning for a second helping.

But hey! Is it my fault if the meatballs and fried chicken where not put out when I arrived!

We have a diamond of a Podenco that we rescued a few years ago and a little monster called Lola that we recently found abandoned in a storm drain in the campo.

They get us out on all the walks and they have many amigos. A few of the owners of their mates are similarly deranged and one person has rescued nine abandoned mutts now.

Every couple of months one of us decides where we are all going for the dog walker’s lunch. This is usually a big problem because we end up about twenty handed and getting a table booked is so difficult especially during July and August.

Our chances of getting booked in have suffered badly in recent times and have been diminished greatly by restaurant owners emailing our pictures to each other in case any of us book in false names. I think it is because they are not doggie type people and they dislike us bringing the dogs along.

This has turned into a bit of a disaster for us as we have burnt our bridges with our most favourite haunts. So I am giving serious consideration to suggesting these bad restaurants that have these awful write ups in the local press. The incentive being the doggie food bag would be a big one. I hope the dogs will not be disappointed.

As a consequence we are running out of recommended eateries at an alarming rate and trying to make a phone booking at some of the new recommended restaurants for Spanish gastronomy in our area is almost impossible.

I know this is not the true reason as they often say on the phone. ‘Can you repeat your name?’ And after a pause they say ‘sorry amigo we are fully booked for the next year.’

Personally I cannot understand why the owners get so upset when one of the dogs in our group eats from one of their customers plates. If the person eating does not moan about a dirty great German Shepherd scoffing their food why should the restaurant owner?

Okay granted! It is bad manners if a dog does eat food off someone’s plate whilst they are eating it. But the poor things rarely see a piece of fillet steak at our table.

I think the real reason is that the owners remember us is due to all the complaining about the plates not being hot or comments like. ‘Can you change this for that it looks far better? His steak is a bigger one than mine. Is that all bloody chips you get? What kind of a restaurant do you call this?’

Usually the final straw for most restaurant owners is when I faint. Well sometimes it is a bit of a shock when they give me the bill. Why do they all make the same gestures when they can see that you are so upset?

Firstly they make a screwed up smirk across their chops then the audibly loud sharp intake of breath as their eyes roll skyward when I question the amount of beers they have charged for as I splutter and choke on the free over stocked peach brandy.

I can still remember the last restaurant I was thrown out of as I shouted out ‘good grief we could have eaten menu del dia for the next six months for that price.’

We are quite often told not to come back to most establishments. It is impossible for me to recommend good places to eat as your dogs will be very disappointed as a consequence.





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I retired and moved to the Costa del Sol in 2003 and I now live in the Jalon Valley which is in the Costa Blanca area.
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