DJ Umpius Sunbed Dancing

Sunbed Dancing

When you are cooking on the sunbed with the iPod blasting out your favourite playlist do your feet rock to the beat whilst your head does the chicken peck? Do you hold a cerveza in one hand whilst the other arm punches the air to the thumping bass? Get ready then, make with the trout pout and off we go!


DJ Umpius Grumpias



Just a short selection from my sunbed dancing playlist. Booom!


Sunbed Dancing

Sunbed Dancing


Mmmm! Cerveza Tomorrowland Sunbed Dancing


Calpe March 2014


Did you like my sunbed dancing playlist?





About Umpius

I retired and moved to the Costa del Sol in 2003 and I now live in the Jalon Valley which is in the Costa Blanca area.
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