Masters of the Universe

Old news from 2007 – 2009.

Readers might not be aware about the rampant greed displayed by the ‘Masters of the Universe’ some have got away with a lottery sized fortunes at the expense of the taxpayer.

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Have a stiff drink before you read on. Did you ever wonder why the exchange rates went down the drain?

What happened to your healthy bank account and interest rates on your savings?

Can we blame some of the nit-wits who were in charge of your money? Well some of them are culpable!

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Fred ‘Lucky’ Goodwin


Sir Shred with a £2.1 million annual salary, including a bonus of £814,000 for the takeover.  Read more




Bob ‘Prime’ Diamond


Bob Diamond was a top banker he was the president of Barclays. He was asked to justify being paid a thousand times more than an average bank employee. Read More




Tricky Dicky

Multi-billionaire and US squash all-star Dick Fuld, 62, was CEO of Lehman Brothers when it went bust in September 2008. Dubbed the “scariest man on Wall Street.” Read more




Dodgy Eric


Aside from pay and the potentially huge bonuses, the bank also provide up to £25,000 to fund Mr Daniels’s tax and financial planning, plus a car allowance of £1,000 a month. Read more




Larry ‘Cod Face’ Fish


An American banker has walked away from taxpayer-controlled Royal Bank of Scotland with a £19million pension pot. Read More





Fat Cat


Peter Cummings, who masterminded many of the stricken bank’s high-profile deals, has left with a pension pot estimated at £10million-plus. Read More






This one was head of AIG, the insurance giant. Read more








It was revealed that the disgraced former boss of Northern Rock received a ‘golden goodbye’ of nearly £900,000. Read more





Angelo ‘Sub’ Mozilo


During the housing boom, “Sub” reportedly earned $470 million in salary and other income. Read more







Lawyers for his victims called on authorities to help prevent his wife from holding on to their $823 million fortune. Read more







Chief executive Michael Geoghegan will soon have to pass the hat round to shareholders for up to £10billion cash. Read more






Taxpayers’ take a 70% stake in Lloyds with new £260bn deal. Read more





Stephen ‘Guru’ Green


‘With the benefit of hindsight, this is an acquisition we wish we had not undertaken.’ Read more






The man who led the team advising RBS in spearheading a £50billion takeover of Dutch rival ABN Amro. Read more





Wise Guys


The accounts also list the pay of non-executive directors. Read more





Money bags


‘I had a very strong numerate background. I carried out post-doctoral research at an applied mathematics institute in Paris.’ Read more







A 25-year-old planning to retire at the age of 65 would need to save £3,750 a month to build a pension pot of £10m. Read more





Unacceptable Sants

Unacceptable Sants


Is thought to have amassed a pension pot worth about £10m at the bank.

The FSA’s chief executive Hector Sants admitted his firm’s performance was ‘unacceptable.’ Read more




Wise Guy Myners


He savaged fat cat bankers while lining his pockets. He attacked hedge funds then joined one. Read more






The risk manager was sacked and subsequently awarded a payout at the industrial tribunal. Read more






Read more






Keep on working


Read More








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